Updated: May 15,2018 12:00 AM

1. To implement the national laws, regulations, guidelines and policies in respect of industry and informatization work; to research and develop draft of local policies and regulations regarding industry and informatization work, and organize relevant parties to bring them into effect. 
2. To formulate special development programs and annual plans for industries, informatization and production service sector in accord with Shanghai's overall national economic and social development plan; to study the layout plans and structural adjustment policies for industries and informatization; to formulate industrial policies and standards and organize enforcement, based on the national industrial policies and Shanghai's industrial development program, so as to guide and support the industrial progress.
3. To analyze and monitor the momentum of the industrial operation, provide statistics and release relevant information, give forecast and pre-warning, release relevant information and give information guidance; to coordinate and solve the problems occurred in the industrial operation and development and offer policy advice; to undertake the work related to the emergency management of industries and informatization, industrial security and national defense mobilization; to administrate the salt industry, participate in the management of medicine reserve; to work with relevant departments to organize the production, reserve and transportation of necessary goods and materials needed in time of natural disasters; to cooperate with relevant departments to fight against monopoly; to administrate the military industry technology-based production; to administrate the shipbuilding industry.
4. To make suggestions on the direction and scale of fixed asset investment in the industry and informatization sectors of Shanghai, organize and plan for the major industrial and informatization projects within the authorization of the Municipal Government; to work with relevant departments to propel and implement the industrial and informatization projects invested by government; to give preliminary examination and approval to e-government projects using project owners' department budgets; to give opinions, as the governing institution, on major informatization investment projects and informatization projects funded by the Municipal Government; to work with relevant departments to comprehensively consider and manage the special fund for informatization projects; to work with relevant departments to administrate the work regarding the use of foreign investment in the industrial and informatization sectors, and to develop exchange and cooperation in the industrial and informatizaion sectors. 
5. To guide technological innovation and advancement in different sectors, promote technical reforms for upgrading the traditional industries with advanced technologies, coordinate and organize the implementation of the national and local key science and technological projects in the industrial sector, push forward the cooperation between industry, school and research agency and the commercialization of the relevant scientific achievements; to undertake the quality management of industries and carry out the brand strategies; to coordinate, organize and enforce the state and local information technology standards; to work with relevant departments to propose the technical standards within the informatization sector; to guide the quality management of electronic information products; to guide and facilitate the establishment of enterprise information technology innovation mechanism; to promote the development of software sector, information service sector and newly emerged industries, and propel the merge of informatization with industrialization.
6. To draft the policies promoting energy conservation, comprehensive utilization of resources and clean production and organize the implementation of these policies, push forward the structural reform and management innovation of industries, improve the overall quality and core competitiveness of the industries, and guide relevant sectors to enhance safe production management.
7. To organize and implement the adjustment of industrial layout in urban and suburban areas, the transformation of old industrial parks and the upgrading of industries, and promote the development of creative industries; to formulate the medium and long term plan for industrial parks, facilitate the industrial projects to move to industrial parks, and adjust the overall layout; to coordinate the construction and development of industrial parks. 
8. To establish the working mechanism providing service to all the enterprises in the society; to improve the service to the large state-owned enterprises; to guide and facilitate the growth of SMEs, promote and build up a complete service system for SMEs. To administrate and guide the work of relevant trade associations.
9. To promote the development of production service sector, cooperate with relevant departments to facilitate the growth of modern logistics sector and facilitate the merged development of service sector and manufacturing sector.
10. To monitor and coordinate the daily operation of coal, electric power and oil; to participate in the guiding, managing, coordinating and promoting of energy comprehensive utilization work.
11. To guide and coordinate the development and employment of information resources, and the promotion of ICT application in enterprises, government, and various sectors of the economy and society; to coordinate and manage the sharing of public information resources; to organize and coordinate the ICT applications that cross departments and sectors.
12. To program, coordinate and administrate the information infrastructure in Shanghai City; to organize and guide the relevant departments in their planning of communication pipelines, public communication network and private information network; to coordinate the events of great social public interests in the telecommunication market; and to ensure the interconnectivity among the information networks that cross departments and industries but aim at serving the public.
13. To organize and coordinate the establishment of information security system; to guide and coordinate information security risk management work; to coordinate and handle major network and information security issues. To work with relevant departments to strengthen the monitoring and management of information network security technologies, equipment and products. To undertake the daily work of Municipal Network and Information Security Coordination Group. To organize, coordinate and guide the informatization training, informatization knowledge popularization, informatization talents forecast and planning, etc.
14. To organize, coordinate and promote the development of smart card industry; to organize, coordinate and guide the efforts to promote smart card application and implement major smart card application project; to organize, coordinate and propel the growth of bankcard industry and promote various applications based on bankcards; to push forward the commercialization and application of technologies like RFID.
15. To facilitate the establishment of a social credit system for individuals and enterprises that covers the whole social and economic life; to guide credit service sector, push forward its development, organize and coordinate the development and sharing of the credit information resources.
16. To fulfill radio administration.
17. To handle administrative reconsideration applications and respond to administrative lawsuits.
18. To undertake other tasks assigned by Shanghai Municipal People's Government.