At Oriental Beauty Valley, the beauty industry focuses on painting the future

Updated: Nov 09,2023 5:05 PM
On November 9th, the "Oriental Beauty Valley Beautiful World" 2023 – The Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetics Conference opened in Fengxian. Chen Jie, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, attended and unveiled "The Oriental Beauty Valley Chinese Characteristics Cosmetics Raw Material Base Alliance". Zhuang Mudi, Deputy Secretary-general of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Wang Yiqun, Deputy Secretary of CPC Fengxian District Committee and District Head, and Ruan Li, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, started a new voyage of "brands going global" in Oriental Beauty Valley.
The conference attracted L'Oreal, Shiseido, L'Occitane, Unilever, Galand Group and other leaders in the global beauty industry, focusing on the high-quality development of the cosmetics industry, discussing how to solve the neck-sticking problem in the development of the beauty industry from different dimensions such as raw material breakthrough, policies and regulations, technological innovation, ESG and media empowerment, and exploring the mutual empowerment of new technologies, platforms, models and the beauty industry.
At present, Shanghai is actively building a "2+(3+6)+(4+5)" modern industrial system, and fashion consumer goods are an important part of Shanghai's modern industrial system. Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization promotes the upgrading and expansion of consumer goods with new industrial track, and leads the industrial transformation and upgrading with new fashion consumption. It is important to layout the "Fashion Nebula" industrial highland, focus on the characteristic industrial parks such as Oriental Beauty Valley - Makeup, and make every effort to create a park economy with more prominent advantages, strengths and characteristics. It is also critical to strengthen the research on new raw materials, functional raw materials, flavors and fragrances and raw materials of plant resources with Chinese characteristics, and promote the agglomeration of innovative elements and joint research. At present, the Oriental Beauty Valley has gathered more than 1/3 of the cosmetics enterprises in Shanghai, with an industrial size of nearly 100 billion yuan. The total brand value of "Oriental Beauty Valley" reaches 33.878 billion yuan, making it one of the largest cosmetics industry clusters in Shanghai with the highest popularity in China.