The 4th China (Shanghai) Industrial Products Online Trading Festival 2023 closed the curtain

Updated: Aug 11,2023 5:23 PM

On August 11th, 2023, the Closing Ceremony of the 4th China (Shanghai) Industrial Products Online Trading Festival 2023 was successfully held. Ge Dongbo, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, attended and delivered a speech. Yu Hongwei, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Postal Administration, and Chen Shuai, Deputy Head of Hongkou District, attended the Closing Ceremony.


Mr. Ge pointed out in his speech that it is necessary to vigorously develop the real economy, increase the proportion of industrial economy in the city's economy, and build a modern industrial system of 2+(3+6)+(4+5) supported by the real economy. Shanghai has the advantages of talents, finance and business environment, and welcomes enterprises from all over the country to come to Shanghai to develop the real economy. It is essential to give full play to the enabling role of producer services in industrial upgrading and promote the extension of producer services to specialization and high-end value chain.


At the Closing Ceremony of the Trade Festival, the “Shanghai Action Plan for Promoting the High-quality Development of Industrial Internet Platform (2023-2025)” was publicized and interpreted. Around the cooperation and co-construction of new technologies, eight units including Shanghai E-commerce Association, Shanghai Blockchain Association and Zhijing Information jointly launched the "Joint Initiative on New Technology Application". The award ceremony for typical cases of "Deep Integration and Development of Supply Chain Management Services (Express Delivery, Logistics, Digital Supply Chain Platform) and Manufacturing Industry" in 2023 was held, and awards were given to 26 typical cases, which promoted the coordinated development level of supply chain management services and manufacturing industry through demonstration tree selection.


In line with the general trend of digitalization and serving the development of the real economy, China (Shanghai) Industrial Products Online Trading Festival has been held for four consecutive times, with the transaction volume of nearly RMB150 billion, organized 430 events, released nearly 400 star products, gathered more than 20 head platforms and served more than 40,000 enterprises, and has become one of the most influential brand activities in the domestic industrial Internet field.