The Symposium of Responsible Comrades of the National Industry and Information Technology Authorities in 2023 was held in Beijing

Updated: Jul 25,2023 4:05 PM

On July 25th, the Symposium of Responsible Comrades of the National Industry and Information Technology Authorities was held in Beijing. It summarized the work this year, analyzed the current situation, deployed the key tasks in the next stage, solidly promoted new industrialization, accelerated the construction of a manufacturing power and a network power, and ensured the full completion of the annual goals and tasks. Jin Zhuanglong, Party Secretary and Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhang Kejian, Member of the Party Group and Vice Minister of the Ministry and Director of the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Bureau, presided over the meeting. Wang Jiangping and Xin Guobin, Members of the Party Group and Vice Ministers, Ye Min, Head of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team Stationed in the Ministry, Xu Xiaolan, Vice Minister, Zhang Yunming, Zhang Jianmin, Member of the Party Group and Director of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, Zhao Zhiguo, Chief Engineer of the Ministry, and Gao Dongsheng, Chief Economist of the Ministry attended the meeting.



The meeting pointed out that since the beginning of this year, the industrial and information systems have made great efforts to promote high-quality development and accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, and all key tasks have made positive progress: promoting the steady recovery of industrial economy. In the first half of the year, the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 3.8% year-on-year, and the added value of manufacturing enterprises above designated size increased by 4.2% year-on-year. Solidly promote innovation in key areas, make important progress in tackling key technical products, realize commercial operation of C919 large passenger aircraft, and successfully undock the first domestic large cruise ship. Vigorously cultivate advanced manufacturing clusters and start the cultivation and upgrading of national advanced manufacturing clusters. To promote the development of high-end intelligence and green, there are more than 270,000 industrial Internet logo analysis system service enterprises, more than 240 influential industrial Internet platforms, and nearly 8,000 digital workshops and intelligent factories have been built in various places. Promote the orderly transfer of manufacturing industry, hold docking activities for the transfer and development of manufacturing industry, and promote the signing of a number of major projects. Solidly promote the specialized and innovative development of small and medium-sized enterprises, improve the policy of benefiting enterprises, optimize enterprise services, continue to do a good job in preventing and resolving the accounts owed to small and medium-sized enterprises, strengthen the cultivation of specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the financing and development of large, medium and small enterprises to achieve new results. To promote the high-quality development of the information and communication industry, a total of 2.937 million 5G base stations have been built and opened, and 110 "Gigabit Cities" have been built. The integration and application of "5G + Industrial Internet" has been accelerated, and the tasks of communication services, network security and radio security for major events have been successfully completed. We comprehensively promoted open cooperation and successfully held the China-ASEAN Emerging Industries Forum.


The meeting stressed that it is necessary to make every effort to promote steady industrial growth, do a good job in publicizing and implementing the work plan for steady growth of key industries, pay close attention to studying policies and measures to promote technological transformation, improve the normal communication mechanism with enterprises, give full play to the joint efforts of various policies, stabilize enterprise expectations and boost industry confidence. Effectively guarantee the independent control of key industrial chains, strengthen overall scheduling, supervision and supervision, compact the responsibilities of all parties, improve industrial policies, strengthen the construction of talent teams, and enhance the quality of industrial development and the advantages of the whole industrial chain. Pay close attention to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, carry out the "three products" actions of increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands in depth, promote the excellent quality project of manufacturing industry, accelerate the digital transformation, build a waste recycling system, promote green and low-carbon development, focus on improving the level of high-end, intelligent and green, and do a good job in industrial transfer. Efforts should be made to cultivate and expand emerging industries, do a good job in the construction of national manufacturing innovation centers, enhance industrial scientific and technological innovation capabilities, strengthen the forward-looking layout of future industries such as general artificial intelligence, 6G and quantum technology, and create new competitive advantages. Promote the specialization and innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, thoroughly implement the Opinions on Promoting the Development and Growth of Private Economy, adhere to the "two unwavering", pay equal attention to management and service, help and development simultaneously, further promote the special action of clearing the accounts owed to small and medium-sized enterprises, accelerate the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, strengthen the construction of public service system for small and medium-sized enterprises, and enhance their sense of gain. Strengthen research on major issues in the fields of industry and information technology, such as new industrialization, strengthen theoretical interpretation, plan ideas and measures, enrich work grasp, and enhance forward-looking, initiative and creativity of work. Strengthen the construction of data mining ability, case analysis ability and problem judgment ability, and continuously improve the analysis level of industrial economic operation. Improve the industrial policy system in the new development stage, continuously optimize the implementation mode of industrial policies, and promote the coordination between industrial policies and fiscal, taxation, finance, trade, investment, talent and other policies.