The global exposure is 1.85 billion! The article reviews the achievements of the Energy Conservation Publicity Week 2023

Updated: Jul 19,2023 11:08 AM

According to the "Notice on Launching the National Energy Conservation Publicity Week 2023 and National Low Carbon Day 2023" jointly issued by 18 ministries and commissions, including the National Development and Reform Commission, in order to thoroughly implement President Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, further spread energy conservation concepts and awareness, promote energy conservation for the whole people, set off a publicity upsurge in the whole society, and help achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, Shanghai launched a number of events for the Energy Conservation Publicity Week 2023 with the theme of "Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction, You and Me Work Together" from July 10th to 16th.


This year, the Office of the Organizing Committee organized and mobilized various commissions, districts, large state-owned enterprises, group companies and green and low-carbon partners to carry out 465 thematic activities. Focusing on the green development of the industry and "clothing, food, housing, transportation, use and travel", we will tell the whole society the story of "double carbon" through the "online + offline" mode. According to incomplete statistics, during the publicity week, the total exposure of various channel activities and public welfare projects exceeded 1.85 billion person-times, which achieved great influence and reputation.


Some publicity methods include: live broadcast activities with the theme of "Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction, e-sports Peer", theme activities of "e-energy Saving" for residents of "Online State Grid", theme activities of "Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction, Green Travel"-looking for urban green security places, "Energy Saving Services into Enterprises" and seminars on innovation and development of hydrogen energy industry chain, etc.


In terms of publicity, this year, a 30-second public welfare propaganda film and 6,000 paper posters were released, which were scrolled in many commercial complexes, transportation hubs, chain restaurants and other places, and achieved good results.