"You and I Work Together for Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction" - The opening ceremony of Shanghai Energy Conservation Publicity Week in 2023 and the Green and Low Carbon Industry Promotion Conference were successfully held

Updated: Jul 11,2023 10:52 AM english.sheitc.gov.cn

In order to thoroughly implement the new development concept and closely follow the goal of imported carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, Shanghai held the Energy Conservation Publicity Week in 2023 with the theme of "You and I Work Together for Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction" from July 10th to 16th. On June 10th, the opening ceremony of Publicity Week and the Green and Low Carbon Industry Promotion Conference were held in Aimujia Yiyuan. Zhuang Mudi, Deputy Secretary-general of Shanghai Municipal Government, and Huang Libin, Director of the Energy Conservation Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended and launched the Energy Conservation Publicity Week. Academician Ling Wen of Chinese Academy of Engineering gave a keynote speech on carbon peaking and carbon neutralization. Leaders of the co-organizers of Informatization of the Energy Conservation Publicity Week, including Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy, Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission, Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, Shanghai Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau, and representatives from various districts, groups, key energy-using units, green and low-carbon industry related units and financial institutions attended the event.



During the event, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization released a list of 35 carbon management pilot projects as well as the list of Top Ten green and low-carbon technology products such as complete sets of equipment and processes for photovoltaic heterojunction cells. Leaders of relevant commissions and bureaus awarded licenses to representatives of 20 zero-carbon benchmarking units and founding units in two batches in Shanghai. Thirteen units signed strategic cooperation agreements with relevant departments to give full play to the synergy between government and enterprises. Zhu Jian, President of Bank of Shanghai, Quan Liang, Global Partner of Roland Berger and Vice President of Greater China, and Song Xuefeng, Vice President of Shenneng Group, gave keynote speeches on green and low carbon. Shanghai Municipal Investment Promotion Service Center and Shanghai Carbon Valley Green Bay Industrial Development Co., Ltd. respectively promoted "Investment in Shanghai" and Carbon Valley Green Bay Industrial Park.