Vigorously develop the real economy and give play to the basic supporting role of manufacturing industry! The

Updated: Jun 15,2023 3:07 PM

On June 15th, Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference of Shanghai Municipal Government. Vice Mayor Li Zheng introduced the "Three-year Action Plan for Promoting High-quality Development of Manufacturing Industry in Shanghai (2023-2025)". Wu Jincheng, Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Wei Dong, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Planning and Resources Bureau, Tao Changsheng, Chief Economist of Shanghai Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Chen Dong, Chief Economist of Shanghai Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and Wu Xiaohua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lingang New Area, attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters.



In order to thoroughly implement the strategy of manufacturing power, quality power and digital China, vigorously develop the real economy, and give full play to the important supporting role of manufacturing industry in the transformation and innovation of Shanghai's economic development, the General Office of Shanghai Municipal Government recently issued the “Three-year Action Plan for Promoting the High-quality Development of Manufacturing Industry in Shanghai (2023-2025)”.


The Action Plan is mainly divided into three parts, including main objectives, key tasks and safeguard measures.


First, clarify the main objectives. By 2025, the modern industrial system of "2+(3+6)+(4+5)" will be continuously consolidated, with the industrial added value exceeding RMB1.3 trillion, accounting for more than 25% of the regional GDP. This document puts forward subdivision indicators around the leading function of high-end manufacturing, the level of independent innovation policy source, digital and green transformation, and the vitality and competitiveness of enterprise development.


Second, put forward key tasks. Implement 6 major actions and 22 key tasks.


First, focus on key industries and implement strong chain upgrading actions. Promote the three leading industries to build world-class industrial clusters, accelerate the integration and development of advanced manufacturing and productive service industries, and build four trillion-level industrial clusters of electronic information, life and health, automobiles and high-end equipment, and two 500 billion-level industrial clusters of advanced materials and fashion consumer goods. Cultivate a number of 100 billion-level industries in sub-sectors; Accelerate the layout of "four new racetracks" and "five future industries", and promote the integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries.


Second, focus on key technologies, and implement the action of strengthening the foundation and building the bottom. Implement industrial foundation reengineering projects and major technical equipment research projects, and implement more than 100 research projects every year. Accelerate the construction of manufacturing innovation carriers and lay out a number of national and municipal innovation platforms; Promote "chain owners" enterprises to take the lead in setting up open innovation consortia and strengthen the construction of manufacturing quality brands.


Third, focus on industrial upgrading and implement digital butterfly change. Accelerate the digital transformation of traditional manufacturing industry and improve the digital competitiveness of manufacturing industry. Implement the smart factory pilot plan and build 20 benchmark smart factories and 200 demonstration smart factories; Implement the action plan of "Work Assignment in Shanghai", build 30 industrial Internet platforms, and cultivate 40 "Work Assignment Chain Owners" enterprises in a gradient. Make good use of "intelligent evaluation vouchers" and "computing vouchers" to support enterprises' digital diagnosis and purchase computing services.


Fourth, focus on energy conservation and carbon reduction, and implement green leading actions. Focusing on the new direction of green and low carbon, we will promote the innovation of low-carbon zero-carbon negative carbon technology and carry out product carbon footprint accounting and carbon efficiency evaluation; Implement a number of energy-saving and carbon-reducing technological transformation projects in key industries and build green and low-carbon demonstration parks; Eliminate about 500 backward production capacity every year; Improve the green manufacturing system and build a number of green factories, green supply chains and green parks.


Fifth, focus on introducing and educating simultaneously, and implement enterprise growth actions. Strengthen the echelon cultivation of pilot enterprises, scientific and technological enterprises and "specialized and innovative" enterprises, and expand the group of outstanding manufacturing enterprises. 15 new manufacturing enterprises with an output value exceeding 10 billion yuan were added, about 50 leading enterprises were dynamically cultivated, the introduction of manufacturing headquarters was accelerated, and a number of scientific and technological enterprises such as "unicorn" and "gazelle" were cultivated in a rolling way, with 10,000 municipal-level "specialized and innovative" enterprises. Greater efforts will be made to promote the "small upgrade" of small and medium-sized enterprises.


And sixth, focus on industrial projects and implement spatial expansion actions. Optimize the spatial layout of manufacturing industry and improve the industrial economic density. Give full play to the guiding role of industrial maps in investment promotion and build a number of major industrial projects; Promote Pudong, Lingang, five new towns, and North-South transformation to accelerate manufacturing growth; Build characteristic industrial parks with high standards and develop towards clustering, ecologicalization and integration; Promote "industrial upstairs" and revitalize inefficient industrial land.


And third, strengthen safeguard measures. Optimize the guarantee support for the high-quality development of manufacturing industry from five aspects: working mechanism, comprehensive elements, internal and external opening, science and technology and financial services, and industrial talents. Strengthen the joint efforts of urban areas, establish an efficient and coordinated promotion mechanism, and fully implement the objectives and tasks proposed in the Action Plan.


Shanghai has a good foundation for developing the real economy and promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, and will make every effort to build an innovative highland and a world-class industrial cluster with global influence according to the work arrangements of the Action Plan. We sincerely invite outstanding enterprises and innovative and entrepreneurial talents at home and abroad to seize new opportunities for development and write a new chapter of "Made in Shanghai".