Digital new technology empowers new consumption models - 2023 Shanghai Information Consumption Festival was officially launched

Updated: May 17,2023 9:30 AM

 In order to fully activate the new kinetic energy of digital economy and enhance the new power of information consumption, combined with the work arrangement of the 4th Shanghai "May 5th Shopping Festival", 2023 Shanghai Information Consumption Festival jointly sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce was officially held from May 17th to June 16th. With the theme of "Invitation from Metadata" and in the form of "1 + 3 + N", this year’s Information Consumption Festival includes an opening ceremony, creating three major sections of new trends, new markets and new products, combined with a number of social activities, focusing on highlights such as metaverse, digital economy and AIGC, and carrying out digital people live broadcast, new product debuts, industry seminars, information consumption campaigns and metaverse interactive experience.


On the afternoon of May 17th, the opening ceremony of 2023 Shanghai Information Consumption Festival was held at Huangpu District, attended by Zhang Ying, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, and Wang Nai, Deputy Head of Huangpu District. In her speech, Ms. Zhang mentioned that new trends in information consumption, such as metaverse, intelligent terminals and new generation digital products, have become important driving forces for promoting high-quality growth and creating high-quality life. In order to further mobilize the vitality of the information consumption market, the next step will be to accelerate the demonstration application of information consumption and encourage enterprises to provide information products and services in new fields such as metaverse, AIGC and Web3.0. It is important to accelerate the improvement of information consumption infrastructure, increase the construction and optimization of 5G networks, and strengthen the overall planning, scheduling and sharing of computing resources in Shanghai. It is also critical to accelerate the cultivation of new information consumption formats and support the development of new information consumption fields such as online entertainment, online medical care and digital culture.


At the opening ceremony, the awarding ceremony of Metaverse OCEAN Awards of "2022 Digital Economy Billboard" was held. Weimeng Group, Meituan, Ctrip and other enterprises jointly launched the "Invitation to New Market of Information Consumption", and announced the upcoming B-side activities, emerging businesses and product discounts. The launching ceremony of "Digital People Live Battle" brought together Lingyu Intelligent, Zhongke Shenzhi, Silicon-based Intelligent, Jizhi Interactive, Ant Group, Vibrato Group and other enterprises to show the society a new model of digital people live broadcast. Huangpu District announced the "Digital Business Circle Partnership Program", and the leading Internet enterprises reached strategic cooperation with business circle representatives to promote the integration of virtuality and reality to create a digital business ecosystem. In addition, a series of new information consumption products were launched at the opening ceremony.


This Information Consumption Festival will also carry out a number of social activities, and each district will organize a series of rich online and offline consumption experience activities, such as excellent case studies, supply and demand docking, scenario experience, live broadcast, industry summit, experience and registration, to help the consumption potential be continuously released.