"That's Shanghai" Department Store Pop-up, Wuyi 320 "Vibrant Food Market" Pop-up and more - What new experiences will be brought by this year's Manufacturing Goods Exchange and Information Consumption Festival?

Updated: Apr 28,2023 2:57 PM english.sheitc.gov.cn

 On April 27th, Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference. Liu Min, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission, introduced the preparations for the 4th "May 5th Shopping Festival". Ruan Li, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Xiao Yeying, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, Yang Chao, Deputy Head of Pudong New Area Government, Wang Nai, Deputy Head of Huangpu District Government, Zhang Jun, Deputy Head of Jing'an District Government, and Jin Junfeng, Deputy Head of Qingpu District Government, attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters.


In response to a reporter's question, Mr. Ruan explained that Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization will speed up the implementation of the national strategy of increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands, organically combine "Made in Shanghai" with "Shopping in Shanghai", deepen supply-side innovation, and help Shanghai accelerate the construction of an international consumption center city.

The first is to innovate the supply of diversified consumption scenarios through the linkage between supply and demand. The 4th "Made in Shanghai Good Products Exchange" will be held at Changning, Shanghai from June 8th to June 11th. As one of the important IPs of the "May 5th Shopping Festival", "Made in Shanghai Good Products Exchange" is the key event of the national tour of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This year's theme is "Vital Manufacturing, Fashion Consumption", focusing on "Eight Fashion Categories", such as clothing, cosmetics and exquisite food, and carrying out cross-border promotion and new product experience. During the event, an offline opening ceremony will be held in the City Living Room at 305 Wuyi Road, and "That's Shanghai" Department Store Pop-up will be launched. At the same time, an online special zone and live broadcast will be held. More than 50 fashion consumer brands will be selected, including classic brands such as White Rabbit, Huili and Shanghai Watch, as well as cutting-edge brands such as Niolife and East Beast, and international brands such as L 'Oreal and Peet’s Coffee. Consumers can experience the resilience and passion of "Made in Shanghai" on the spot. Wuyi 320 "Vibrant Food Market" Pop-up will be opened, and the digital fashion show will be displayed at site, so that ordinary people can experience the most fashionable "fireworks" in daily necessities. It will also launch the "D2W Design Shanghai Program" to London, so as to promote "Made in Shanghai" fashion products to go internationally. It will publish Shanghai Fashion 100+ and Shanghai Brand 100+, and provide consumers with a guide to shopping and visiting, so that fashion is "within reach".

And the second is to ignite the engine and activate the new potential of digital consumption. Shanghai Information Consumption Festival 2023, with the theme of "Invitation of Meta Data", will be held from May 17th to June 16th, promoting digital information consumption, boosting market information and stimulating information consumption from many aspects such as science and technology, industry and finance. This consumption festival will focus on metaverse, digital economy, AIGC and other contents, and carry out activities such as live broadcast of digital people, first shows of new products, industry seminars, information consumption promotion and interactive experience of metaverse. It is planned to drive the increment of information consumption to exceed RMB40 billion. The overall activities will be carried out in the form of "1+3+N", focusing on an opening ceremony, creating three major activity sections: new trends, markets and products, and adding N social participation activities, fully mobilizing enterprises to participate in and organize consumer festival activities, so that the support for helping and benefiting enterprises can accurately radiate to thousands of businesses, and the benefits of inclusive promotion can widely penetrate into thousands of households.