Grasp and lead the development trend and strengthen the overall layout of city digital transformation! Shanghai City Digital Transformation Leading Group Meeting was held

Updated: Apr 11,2023 1:53 PM

Shanghai City Digital Transformation Leading Group Meeting was held on April 10th. Chen Jining, Secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Head of Shanghai City Digital Transformation Leading Group, presided over the meeting and pointed out that it is necessary to further enhance the acumen and urgency of promoting city digital transformation, adhere to the top-level design of holistic construction, form a working pattern of all-round empowerment, grasp the practical path of promoting in different fields, maintain the goal pursuit of continuous leadership, firmly grasp the initiative of digital development, and continue to be the vanguard of reform and opening up and the pioneer of innovation and development.


The meeting pointed out that it is important to grasp and lead the development trend, adhere to the problem orientation, strengthen the overall layout of city digital transformation, improve the work integrity with technical integrity, and strengthen the traction of key applications and key scenarios. According to the characteristics of digital transformation in different fields, scientifically formulate targeted and operational digital implementation plans and work measures, promote the in-depth development of economic digitalization, life digitalization and governance digitalization, better empower economic and social development, and improve the modernization level of city governance system and capacity.


The meeting noted that it is critical to strengthen the basic support of city digital transformation, consolidate the digital base of the city, promote the construction and layout of infrastructure such as network, computing power, perception and application as a whole, speed up the construction of a "time and space base map" with unified benchmarks, create a "digital grid" with consistent boundaries, and compile a "city code" with unified identification. It is also essential to smooth data flow cycle, speed up the uploading of public data to the cloud, improve the legal system of open data sharing, and ensure the security and traceability of data and the agility and expandability of the system.


The meeting explained that it is necessary to strengthen the two-wheel drive of technological innovation and scenario opening, grasp the frontier trends, trends and development priorities of digital technology more accurately, organically combine technical logic with practical needs, and accelerate breakthroughs in underlying technologies and security technologies. It is important to adhere to focus on key points, promote the development of application scenarios close to the needs, and deepen the construction of "one network management" for government services and "one network unified management" for city operations.


The meeting stressed that it is necessary to promote the mutual promotion of digital economy and smart city by combing the needs of smart city construction, forming a list of market-oriented opportunities, and gathering and promoting a group of outstanding enterprises that master key digital technologies and occupy the forefront of digital economy to accelerate their development and growth. It is essential to accelerate the industrialization of digital technology and make good use of platforms such as data exchanges and international data ports. It is necessary to create a first-class digital ecology with first-class digital governance, strengthen the construction of digital rules and system supply, improve the digital level of grassroots governance, help the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and fill the shortcomings of city digital transformation.