The 100-day radio public welfare testing service of The 100-day radio public welfare testing service of "Quality Building Industry Upgrade" was officially launched

Updated: Mar 15,2023 4:11 PM

On March 15th, the "100-day radio public welfare testing service of “Quality Building Industry Upgrade" was successfully launched, and Tang Wenkan, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, attended the kick-off meeting and delivered a speech. Combined with "3.15" International Consumer Rights Day, this event was led by Shanghai Radio Testing Industry Alliance and jointly implemented by eight inspection and testing institutions in the industry, benefiting the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises with public welfare testing, and helping the development of industrial economy and informatization with high-quality inspection and testing.


Mr. Tang pointed out that in the next stage, we should focus on "paying more attention to economic and social development, serving people's livelihood needs and ensuring radio safety", and concentrate on three aspects. First, strengthen the construction of detection capacity and build a complete detection system for radio transmitting equipment. Continue to strengthen the construction of on-site detection capability, focus on ensuring the detection requirements of first-level management stations, fill in the shortcomings of detection capability of high-frequency and large-bandwidth radio equipment, explore the formation of new application detection technologies such as satellite Internet, car networking and industrial Internet, and promote the standardization of detection work. Second, improve the service level of the industry and help optimize the business environment. Continue to explore new models and services, and continuously optimize the business environment in the radio industry. And third, adhere to integrity and innovation to better serve the high-quality development of the industry. Constantly strengthen the research on key and practical technologies, and promote the in-depth cooperation of production, education and research. Cultivate new advantages in business development with technology, standards, brand, quality and service as the core, and accelerate the technological innovation and industrial application of the city in the field of wireless technology.