Consolidate the strength of industry organizations and promote the high-quality development of biomedical industry: The Symposium of Biomedical Related Industry Associations and Private Non-enterprise Organizations was held

Updated: Mar 15,2023 4:09 PM

On March 15th, Liu Ping, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, presided over the Symposium of Biomedical Related Industry Associations and Private Non-enterprise Organizations in Shanghai, listened to Shanghai Biomedical Industry Association, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association, Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Association and Shanghai Plastic Medicine Industry Innovation Research Institute. Shanghai Huaxing Health Industry Cooperation Promotion Center, Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Medical Device Industry Development Promotion Association and Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Medical Innovation and Development Research Center, and actively responded to relevant demands.


Mr. Liu pointed out that the work of biomedical industry associations and private non-enterprise organizations should focus on the core task of promoting the high-quality development of Shanghai’s biomedical industry, strengthen communication with industry authorities, and become one of the important tentacles for industry authorities to capture information. It is important to actively conduct in-depth investigation and study on the research and development, production, marketing, admission and other application links of drugs and medical devices, and put forward forward-looking, feasible and effective solutions and action plans in view of the difficulties, pain points and blocking points in the industry. Assist in the service of related high-end talents, actively push various talent policies, and turn Shanghai into a gathering highland of top biomedical talents, skilled talents and compound talents. Give full play to the unique advantages of industry organizations in taking root in the industry, serving enterprises, assisting the government and cohesive force, attract more high-quality biomedical enterprises to Shanghai for development, take supporting, cooperating and serving the city's biomedical industrialization as the top priority, and help build a world-class biomedical industry cluster with practical actions.