The second meeting of the Leading Group of the Academician Expert Achievement Exhibition and Transformation Center of the Chinese Academy of Engineering was held

Updated: Mar 27,2023 4:01 PM

Recently, the Leading Group of the Achievement Transformation Center held its second meeting to summarize the work in the past two years and study and deploy the key tasks in the next stage. Li Zheng, Leader of the Leading Group and Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government, and Zhong Zhihua, Academician and Leader of the Leading Group and Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Zhuang Mudi, Deputy Head of the Leading Group and Deputy Secretary-general of Shanghai Municipal Government, presided over the meeting. Wu Jincheng, Director of the Leading Group Office and Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, presented a work report on behalf of the Leading Group Office. Ning Guang, Academician from the Medical Sub-center of Achievement Transformation Center and relevant responsible comrades of leading group member units attended the meeting.


The meeting requested that the Achievement Transformation Center should aim at cutting-edge strategic directions such as integrated circuits, synthetic biology, smart cars and hydrogen energy, promote the deep integration of production, education and research, and transform more innovative achievements into industrial advantages. It is necessary to innovate policy tools and financial services, strengthen the construction of common technology platforms in the industry, improve the support measures for R&D industrialization, and create a good ecological transformation of achievements.


Since the opening of the Achievement Transformation Center in April 2021, under the guidance of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, nearly 400 achievements of more than 300 academician expert teams have been displayed in various forms, and a service team for academician expert achievement transformation has been set up, which has contributed to more than 20 achievements transformation of academician experts, more than 200 enterprise needs docking, more than 20 cooperation docking of production, education and research projects, and started the construction of medical sub-center of academician achievement transformation center, providing strong support for the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center. It has held the 6th International Forum on Innovation and Emerging Industries Development (IEID) Cloud Summit, organized and planned 14 cutting-edge science and technology summit forums, and built a platform for exchanges and cooperation between academicians, experts and entrepreneurs. It has also held the Future Youth Science and Technology Camp, organized nearly 20 patriotic education and popular science activities, carried forward the spirit of scientists, and enhanced the popular science education function of the Achievement Transformation Center.