Launch the brand of “Industrial Empowerment in Shanghai” and further facilitate the digitalization of manufacturing industry

Updated: Feb 16,2023 10:38 AM

On February 16th, the Industrial Internet Key Enterprise Symposium 2023 and World Industrial Empowerment Conference Launching Promotion Meeting were successfully held, and Zhang Ying, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Mr. Zhang pointed out that manufacturing is the main pillar of the real economy and the main battlefield of digital transformation. In 2022, the three-year action of "Industrial Empowerment in Shanghai" ended successfully, and a new round of digital transformation of manufacturing industry was fully launched. Shanghai released the first batch of 10 "Industrial Empowerment Chain Owner" enterprises and built more than 30 industrial Internet platforms with industry influence. Digital transformation of manufacturing industry is a long-term and systematic project, which requires all parties to work together to create a "Shanghai Plan" for digital transformation of manufacturing industry. First, focus on the gradient cultivation of "Industry Empowerment Chain Owners", enhance the enthusiasm and action of digital transformation of enterprises in the chain, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, boost the digital transformation and upgrading of the whole industrial chain, and create a number of industry benchmark demonstrations. Second, do a good job in the integration and development of "platform + park", accelerate the transformation of parks from land development to deep energy level upgrading, and actively explore new models of digital characteristic transformation such as "industrial Internet + safe production", "digital twin" and "industrial metaverse". Third, enhance the capability of industrial Internet platforms, strengthen the supply of digital transformation technologies, break through the core software of key links in key industries, and strengthen the complementary capabilities and interconnection between platforms and professional service providers. And fourth, optimize ecological services, consolidate all-round digital support, gradually carry out digital diagnosis work for upstream and downstream of chain owners, specific industrial fields and specialized and new enterprises, and cultivate a group of professional consulting service providers to implement diagnosis for enterprises.