"Pursuing Excellence and Building Cars with Chips"- Yangtze River Delta collaborates to promote the high-quality development of automotive electronic chip industry

Updated: Oct 26,2022 4:03 PM english.sheitc.gov.cn

 On October 25th, the 2nd Yangtze River Delta Automobile Electronic Matchmaking Exchange Conference was successfully held at Lujiazui China Financial Information Center. Fu Xinhua, First-class Inspector of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Zhang Xinyuan, Vice President of Bank of China Shanghai Branch, and relevant leaders of integrated circuit associations of three provinces and one municipality attended the Conference. At the matchmaking meeting, the Yangtze River Delta Automotive Electronic Chip Product Manual 2022 was released, and 215 products from 69 enterprises were listed in the manual.



Mr. Fu pointed out that under the background of the new "four modernizations" of automobiles and the lack of chips in the world, with automotive electronics as a bridge, the two major industries of automobiles and integrated circuits have ushered in an unprecedented opportunity for integration and development. The Yangtze River Delta region, as one of the regions where innovative elements such as technology, talents and capital are highly concentrated in China, is an important cluster of domestic integrated circuit and automobile industry, bringing together a large number of excellent enterprises, covering a full industrial chain of complete vehicles, auto parts, vehicle-level chip design, wafer manufacturing and packaging and testing. In the next step, we should focus on the arrangements of high-quality economic development, tackling key challenges in core technologies and improving the resilience of industrial chain and supply chain in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, gather resources in the Yangtze River Delta, fully promote the technological innovation, on-board application and ecological creation of automotive electronic chips, and foster the integration and development of the two major industries.