The Oriental Beauty Valley – Cosmetics focuses on fashion consumer goods

Updated: Oct 24,2022 4:00 PM

 On October 24th, the press conference of "The Oriental Beauty Valley, Beautiful World" - The Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetics Conference 2022 was held in the Press Room of Shanghai Municipal Government. Ruan Li, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Liu Min, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission, Yu Chen, Deputy Director of Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration, Zhao Yanjun, Deputy Director of Shanghai Drug Administration, and Li Lei, Deputy Head of Fengxian District People's Government of Shanghai attended the press conference and introduced the event.



Mr. Ruan pointed out that Shanghai should seize the opportunity, focus on its efforts and speed up the creation of a "3+6" new industrial system, in which the fashion consumer goods industry with cosmetics as an important component is one of the six key industries and an essential foundation for Shanghai to build an international consumption center.


Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization will drive the development of fashion consumer goods industry from three aspects:


First of all, drive the upgrading of industrial energy level. Release the policy effect, take the lead in formulating the “Action Plan for High-quality Development of Shanghai’s Fashion Consumer Goods Industry (2022-2025)”, and focus on "eight fashion products, three major initiatives and ten major actions" to build a trillion-RMB consumer market. Take multiple measures simultaneously to boost market confidence, release consumption willingness and give full play to the leading role of cosmetics industry. Launch "Fashion Nebula", focus on the construction of industrial space carriers, concentrate on the first batch of featured industrial parks in the field of fashion consumer goods, such as the Oriental Beauty Valley - Cosmetics, build boutique parks at both municipal and district levels, fashion creative demonstration spaces and characteristic consumption blocks, and play the role of high-quality industrial development frontier.


Second, lead the fashion of Shanghai style with brands. Implement the overseas promotion of Shanghai’s fashion consumer goods and facilitate the Oriental Beauty Valley to lead Chinese beauty companies to become part of world fashion. Recently, 13 Shanghai-made beauty brands participated in Milan Fashion Week in Italy and presented cross-border fashion shows, demonstrating the ultimate style of Shanghai’s beauty industry in Milan, one of the world fashion capitals. Shanghai’s beauty industry shares China's beauty with the world by participating in Milan Fashion Week, which is the beginning for Chinese beauty brands to participate in global fashion trends and enter the global market. Next, we should continue to play the role of the Oriental Beauty Valley Milan Center and other platforms, and encourage more local enterprises to "go global" and deploy the international market. In the near future, we will focus on the "Brand 100+" activities in the field of fashion consumer goods, further launch the "Made in Shanghai" brands, and highlight the reputation of "Made in Shanghai", in which enterprises are welcome to actively participate. With the increasing popularity of beauty products with oriental concepts, Chinese fashion beauty brands will further move towards the international fashion stage.


And third, motivate the new development of industry with design. Shanghai will give full play to its advantages in industrial design and other fields, focus on "green" and "biotechnology", and promote the cosmetics and other fashion consumer goods industries to comprehensively enhance their design capabilities. Recently, Shanghai is carrying out the establishment of municipal design innovation centers and design-led demonstration enterprises in 2022, in order to cultivate a group of leading industrial design centers in cosmetics function, packaging and products, lead demonstration enterprises in design, and train design talents and master studios, so as to tell Chinese stories well in design, better integrate into the global narrative network, and help "Made in Shanghai" beauty products develop from the light of domestic products to international fine products. Here, we sincerely invite all sectors of society to participate in the construction of a "world-class" design capital, and jointly build a new design ecosystem with active market, cross-border industries and extensive international cooperation.