Shanghai's industrial economy is generally characterized by "two fast and two good". Industrial exports are higher than the national average, and strategic emerging industries are better than general industries

Updated: Sep 28,2022 11:06 AM

At the press conference of Shanghai Municipal Government held on September 28th, Wu Qing, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government, introduced "Several Policies and Measures for Shanghai to Help Strong Industries to Stabilize Growth" (hereinafter referred to as "22 Articles for Steady Growth”). Ruan Qing, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Hongtao, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Zhang Guohua, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission, Guan Xiaojun, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau, and Liu Hongbo, Chief Auditor of Shanghai Municipal Taxation Bureau attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters.



Reporter from Central Radio and Television General Station (CCTV): How do you consider driving the recovery and development of industrial economy in this new round of policies and measures?


Zhang Hongtao: In the early stage, we fully implemented a series of policies and measures issued by the state and the city to drive economic recovery and revitalization. Enterprises in Shanghai tried every means to seize opportunities and fully organize production. Energy enterprises made every effort to ensure supply and meet summer peak, so that Shanghai's industrial economy is generally characterized by "two fast and two good", that is, industrial production and investment grow fast, industrial exports are higher than the national average, and strategic emerging industries are better than general industries.


In June, July and August, Shanghai’s industrial added value increased by 13.9%, 18.6% and 16.1% respectively, maintaining double-digit growth for three consecutive months. From January to August, the industrial export delivery value in Shanghai increased by 13.6%, achieving double-digit growth. In August, the planned total industrial output was RMB398.9 billion, a monthly high in the year. In order to further maintain the trend of "stable and improving" industrial economy and form relay and amplification effects with previous policies, according to "Several Policy Measures" issued by Shanghai Municipal Government, we will do a good job in three aspects in the next step.


First of all, support the cultivation and development of enterprises. Establish the cultivation pool of industrial enterprises. Support the upgrading and development of small and micro enterprises. For those who become industrial enterprises above designated size for the first time, Shanghai will support their digital procurement management, technological innovation, legal consultation, inspection and testing services according to the growth rate of enterprise output value. Municipal funds can give a reward of up to RMB500,000 to encourage support from respective districts.


Second, support enterprises to grow bigger and stronger. Support the upgrading and expansion of leading enterprises, and encourage all districts to reward advanced manufacturing enterprises whose total industrial output value has exceeded a certain size for the first time. Support "specialized and innovative" SMEs to thrive. For newly recognized national or municipal "specialized and innovative" SMEs, each district will give different degrees of rewards. Promote the immediate loans for "specialized and innovative" SMEs, and open a special column for "specialized and innovative" SMEs service in Shanghai Enterprise Service Cloud to provide one-door service.


And third, support the high-quality development of key industries. Support the upgrading and transformation of key industries, and raise the upper limit of support for major technological transformation projects in key industries that meet the requirements to RMB100 million. Support the construction and layout of new tracks such as green and low carbon, metaverse and intelligent terminals. Support the application of innovative products and optimize the support policies for the first set, the first batch and the first edition. At the same time, support the development of platform economy, implement national policies and measures to support the standardized, healthy and sustainable development of platform economy, guide platform enterprises to conduct business and development in compliance with laws and regulations, and encourage them to participate in major national scientific and technological innovation projects.