Wisdom in Mountains and Seas for Symbiosis and Common Prosperity - The Minmetals Industrial Finance Summit Forum was held in Shanghai

Updated: Sep 13,2022 3:31 PM english.sheitc.gov.cn

 On September 13th, the Minmetals Industrial Finance Summit Forum was held in Shanghai. Experts and representatives from industry, finance and academia focused on the theme of "Finance empowers industry and enhances China's influence in global industrial chain, supply chain and innovation chain", and put forward a series of new ideas on how to combine finance to stabilize, supplement and strengthen industry chain under the new development pattern.



Wu Qing, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government, and Weng Zuliang, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Minmetals, jointly unveiled the Minmetals Industrial Finance Research Institute. Rong Zhiqin, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, addressed the event.


The Minmetals Industrial Finance Research Institute was inaugurated at the Forum, and officially released two latest research results, namely the “Industrial Finance White Paper” and the “Minmetals Securities China Index” for the first time. The Industrial Finance White Paper comprehensively and systematically analyzes the theoretical connotation, policy environment, typical models and characteristic practices of China's industrial finance and mining finance. The Minmetals Securities China Index Series covers four sub-sectors, i.e., metal mining, non-ferrous metals, lithium resources and new energy vehicle supply chain, which enriches the similar comprehensive indices in the field of "energy and resource security" at present.