Design beyond borders for integration and symbiosis - Highlights of the World Design Capital Conference 2022

Updated: Sep 06,2022 10:51 AM

 The World Design Capital Conference 2022 (WDCC 2022) will be held in China Shipping Pavilion on the riverside of Huangpu District and nearby areas from September 15th to 18th. This year’s WDCC has the theme of “Design beyond borders for integration and symbiosis”. The Conference will focus on cross-sector integration trend, innovation-driven effect and ubiquitous empowering role of design. At the same time, it will also showcase Shanghai’s active integration into the global Creative Cities Network, as well as the determination and mission to gather wisdom, build platforms, share opportunities, and create the future together.


With regard to the preparations for the conference, there are three main considerations. First of all, we aim to lead industry trends and build a high-end platform for international cooperation and exchanges. The overall structure of the conference is “1+2+2+X”, that is, 1 opening ceremony, 2 summit forums (Design 100 Summit and City of Design Summit), 2 exhibitions (main exhibition and Paris exhibition), as well as more than 50 forums and design events. Second, we will present a “five-dimensional” structure and convey the concept and connotation of the City of Design. Based on the concept of “design for an innovative city”, the main exhibition in China Ship Pavilion will be built into a prototype for Shanghai to build a world-class city of design. The exhibition starts with a design narrative, together with landscape installations to outline the overall picture of 43 cities of design around the world. And third, we will coordinate global resources to incubate an innovative and dynamic design industry. The Conference and its rich activities will elaborate around an award, a think-tank, and an initiative, including the Vanguard Design Innovation Award, a think-tank that consists of 100 professionals from around the world and the City of Design (Shanghai) Initiative.


Besides, we will organize 20 featured activities during the conference, including an exhibition of industrial designs over the last century and another one of living room designs in regions south of the Yangtze River. We will work with social media platforms such as Tencent, Douyin, and Poizon to expand the coverage of the activities. We will announce the official establishment of a demonstrative region of the City of Design and launch a series of industrial projects and global cooperation programs. We expect to attract companies, institutions, and high-end talents from home and abroad to contribute to the development of Shanghai’s design industry.



It will launch a Meta Universe site to facilitate participation in the conference. People could also make reservations online to visit the exhibitions. We expect to present a spectacular conference that features the power of design and a safe one that fulfills Covid rules.