In the past three superior, the industry in this area of Shanghai has developed at a high speed and with high quality. The function of a growth pole has been significantly enhanced, and the energy level has been continuously improved

Updated: Aug 20,2022 11:22 AM

At the press conference on the 3rd anniversary of Lingang New Area held on August 20th, Chen Jinshan, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Lingang New Area, introduced the development achievements of Lingang New Area in the past three years and the overall plan for the next steps. Hua Yuan, Deputy Secretary-general of Shanghai Municipal Government and Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, presented the key contents of "Several Policies and Measures to Support the Construction of Independent and Comprehensive Node Coastal Towns at Lingang New Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone". Zhang Hongtao, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Yang Zhenfeng, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Ye Linlin, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Li Junhao, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, and Wu Xiaohua, Deputy Secretary of Party Working Committee of Lingang New Area, attended the conference and answered questions from reporters together. Yin Xin, Spokesman of Shanghai Municipal Government, presided over the press conference.


Mr. Zhang stressed that in the past three years, the industry at Lingang New Area has achieved high-speed and high-quality development, and the average annual growth rate of total industrial output has reached 40%. In 2021, the total size of frontier industries will reach nearly RMB340 billion. In the first half of 2022, the planned total industrial output increased by 27% year-on-year, which played an important role in boosting economic recovery and confidence in Shanghai.


Facing the future, we will focus on supporting Lingang to speed up the construction of independent and comprehensive node coastal towns from three aspects:


First of all, build a frontier industrial cluster with international competitiveness. In the field of artificial intelligence, speed up the construction of "Dishui Lake AI Innovation Port", introduce international algorithm innovation bases, hold WAIC developer conferences, build a developer community, gather first-class innovators and cultivate first-class innovation ecosystem. In the field of intelligent new energy vehicles, support the establishment of a complete industrial chain including intelligent vehicles and intelligent transportation, and strive to become an important pole for Shanghai to build a world-class automobile industry center. In the field of high-end equipment, accelerate the formation of a global power city with all-round development of "air, space, land and sea energy" at Linggang. Support the layout of new racetracks for hydrogen energy and other industries at Linggang and lead the future industrial development.


Second, create an innovative pilot zone for the reform and development of emerging industries. Give full play to the advantages of the special economic functional zone at Linggang, explore and support the global test of automatic driving in combination with the legislative power authorized by the state, and build a pilot zone for vehicle networking. Support Lingang to study the operating rules of cross-border data flow around finance, commerce and industrial internet, and further promote cross-border data services. Do a good job in the function of a new Internet exchange center, promote the "port-exchange linkage" between the International Data Port and the Shanghai Data Exchange, explore the establishment of an international section for data transactions, and support Linggang to cultivate international digital business enterprises around digital trade, finance and biomedicine.


And third, build a demonstration model area for city digital transformation. Facing key industries such as integrated circuits, biomedicine, large aircraft and artificial intelligence, adopt the “open competition” mechanism to accelerate the digital transformation of manufacturing industry. Accelerate the construction of digital twin towns at Linggang, create benchmark scenarios such as digital twin underground utility tunnel and digital planetarium, and carry out the construction of important scenarios, including digital twin parks, "transparent factories", online libraries and digital campuses to build a smart future city.