Overview of Shanghai Industry Economy

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      In 2016, the industry economy in Shanghai showed the followingfeatures: "two increases"," two reductions", "two bests" and "two news".

      I. "Two increases": Industrial production& industrial investment

      i. Industrial production turned from negative to positive. In 2016, Shanghaiindustrial operation was higher in thelate stage. The downward pressure on the first half of the year was relatively large, the cumulative drop of the industrial added value was 4.7%.In the second half of the year, with the further increase of steady growth and the effect of national consumption policy, the annual above scale industrial added value increased by 1.1% (total above scale industrial output value was 31083 billion yuan, a comparable increase of 0.8%), and the growth rate was higher than 5.8 percentage points in the first half of the year.

      The strategic emerging industries grew against the trend.In the 1-12th month, the total output value of strategic emerging industries increased by 1.5%, which was 0.7 percentage points higher than that of the city's industrial output.Among them, the new energy vehicles achieved rapid growth; bio medicine, new generation of information technology, new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection was growing steadily. 

      Output growth of manufacturing industry in strategic emerging industries (Jan.-Dec.)


Growth rate(%)

New energy vehicle




New generation of information technology


New energy


 Energy conservation and environmental protection


New material


High-end equipment




      ii. Industrial investment changed from negative to positive.Based on the landing of large projects, the industrial investment rose every month, achieved growth in September, reversing the consecutive 28 months of decline in industrial investment. In 12months, industrial investment increased by 2.3% over the same period. The proportion of technological transformation investment continued to rise, accounting for 60% of industrial investment, up 1 percentage points from the same period last year.The support from large project investment was obvious. There were 612 projects with a total investment of more than 100 million yuan,the total investment of which was 77.8 billion yuan, with an increase of 13.1%. There were 70 projects with a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan, which had completed an investment of 28.4 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 28.5%.Projectsof SMIC(Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation), EDO(Everdisplay Optronics), and HLMC(Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation) had increased the stamina of industrial development.

      II."Two reductions": Energy conservation and structural adjustment 

      iii. New breakthroughs in energy saving and emission reduction: In 2016, 5 parks including Shanghai Chemical Zone were promoted to launch green industrial parks. At the same time, progress was made in industrial energy saving projects, clean production, and clean energy substitution of coal-fired boilers. From January to December, the energy consumption of the industrial units above scale reduced by 2.82%, and the annual target was successfully completed. 

      The main work of energy conservation and emission reduction in 2016 

Major industries

Work result

Industrial energy conservation projects

132 energy-saving technical reform projects had been reviewed.

123 energy-saving technical reform projects had been implemented.

Cleaner production

By the end of October, evaluation of 97 cleaner production units had been completed, 38 units had been checked.

Clean energy substitute for coal burning boiler

1722 small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers and alternative projects of clean energy for industrial furnace were completed, which promoted the formulation of a clean energy alternative planfor 29 central heating and cogeneration coal-fired boilers.

      iv. The industrial structure adjustment was overdone.According to the requirements of"1350 action plan for key areas of Shanghai industrial restructuring" and the "13th Five-Year plan of Shanghai industrial restructuring", relevant units persisted in locking blocks, locking items, locking time and locking responsibility subjects.In 2016, there were 1176 projects of the adjustment and implementation of the city's industrial structure, 8 key areas startedadjustment, 11 key areas were promoted in the early stage. By the end of December, all the tasks determined by the industrial structure adjustment in the city were overdone. 

      Completion of target indicators for industrial structure adjustment in 2016

Main target indicators

Year-round goals

Completion of the whole year

Number of completed projects

1000 items

Completed 1176 items

Energy consumption reduction of one year

500 thousand tons


Developed land

30,000 mu


Emission reduction of COD



Emission reduction of SO2



      III. "Two bests": Quality and efficiency, producer services and software information services.

       v. The quality and benefit of industry was at a good level.Shanghai’s manufacturing industry was accelerating its transformation, paying more attention to the high end, efficiency and efficiency. While the production growth was slowing down, quality and efficiency were still at a good level.From January to December, the city industrial profit was 289.9 billion, increased by 8.1%.The above scaled industrial sales profit rate reached 8.6%, ranking top in the country, which was significantly higher than the national average (6%) and the average level (6.3%) in the eastern region.The rate of industrial production and marketing reached 99.9%, also ranking the top in the country.

      vi.Producer services and software information services industry maintained a relatively fast growth.The transformation of manufacturing industry brought the change of connotation.Traditional manufacturing began to transform to "manufacturing + service" and "manufacturing + informatization".From January to December, the ten key areas of producer services achieved a revenue of 1830.9 billion yuan, an increase of 12% over the same period last year.Software information service business revenue reached 690.4 billion yuan, an increase of 14.1% over the same period. 

      Revenue growth in key areas of producer services(Jan.-Dec.)

Key areas

Growth rate(%)

General integrated and overall contract services


R & D design service


Supply chain management services


Financial and professional services


Professional maintenance services


Energy conservation and environment protection services


Inspection services


Professional intermediary services


Training and education service




      IV."Two news": policy innovation and mechanism innovation

       vii.New progress had been made in policy innovation.The policy of innovation was made the core of the government to promote the supply side structural reform, it was alsoakey in the development of industrial innovation and transformation.What's more, a number of programmatic documents were intensively introduced in "Internet plus", the supply side structural reform, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, and "China manufacturing 2025". 

      A list of important policy documents published in 2016 





Suggestions for promoting the "Internet Plus" action in Shanghai

21 special action plans had been formulated, and the innovation, opening and inclusive "Internet +" thinking reform were put forward to create a new mode of "Internet +" industry integration as well as the loose ecological environment for "mass entrepreneurship and innovation"


Opinions on promoting structural reform of supply side and implementing structural transformation of industrial stable growth

In various provinces and cities, the first policy document for the supply side reform in the industrial field was specially designed to solve the deep-seated problems which restrict the industrial transformation and upgrading andemphasized the smooth development of industry on the base of the better quality and efficiency.


Transformation and upgrading of Shanghai manufacturing industry in the 13th five-year plan

Organized and gathered all kinds of industrial factor resources, focused on key industrial areas, promoted major project tasks, and constructed cluster gathering carriers.


Action plan for "Made in China 2025" of Shanghai

The scheme of "One main line, four principles, two major goals, eleven fields, ten major projects and seven measures", were proposed, which embodied the emphasis on implementing the national strategy, the future industrial development, and the cooperation between the Ministry and the city.

      viii. There were new breakthroughs in mechanism innovation.In order to break through the bottleneck of industrial development, the mechanism innovation would be realized in the reform of the examination and approval system, the promotion of the technological transformation of the enterprises outside the planning industrial area and the intelligent manufacturing. 

      Major mechanism innovation document in 2016 

Lead units

Name of the document


Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization

Guiding opinions on promoting technological transformation of industrial enterprises outside planning industrial blocks

Changed the past "one size fits all" policy of "195 regions" and "198 regions"; classified, guided, and standardizedthe process; improved the efficiency of land use.

Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization

Support policy on the application mechanism of the new mode of intelligent manufacturing innovation

Innovatively put forward the promotion mechanism of market orientation, multi-party cooperation and revenue sharing.

Office for reform and examination of the administrative approval system

Reform plan for administrative examination and approval management of Shanghai enterprisesinvestment technological transformation projects

The goal of "compressing 1/3 on the basis of legal time" was achieved by reducing the content of examination and approval, simplifying the examination and approval process, optimizing the examination and approval process, innovating the examination method and improving the service.