Industry dynamics of June 2023

Updated: Jun 30,2023 2:11 PM

1.Speeding up the "Hi-Tech Reform Action": Deepening market-oriented reform and stimulating the innovation vitality of SOEs-


Recently, the first 110kV polypropylene insulated cable in China was put into operation, marking that China's green cable has entered the industrial application stage. At the beginning of this year, China's first high-pressure mobile energy storage power station was put into use. In 2021, the domestic power special master control chip "Fuxi" entered mass production....


In recent years, China Southern Power Grid Corporation has taken its six enterprises as a breakthrough in the "Special Action for Deepening Market-oriented Reform and Enhancing Independent Innovation Ability of 100 Science and Technology Enterprises" ("Hi-Tech Reform Action"), explored the path of driving high-quality development with high-standard reform and high-level innovation, and constantly shaped new development momentum and advantages.


In the past three years, "Hi-Tech Reform Enterprises" have won 66 National Technology Invention Awards, National Science and Technology Progress Awards and 44,000 patents. In 2022, the revenue and net profit of " Hi-Tech Reform Enterprises" increased by 33.6% and 40.9% respectively compared with 2020, and the labor productivity of all employees increased by 30.1% compared with 2020.


On the basis of implementing the tenure system and contractual management of managers, Beijing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. has implemented open competition, last-class adjustment and incompetent withdrawal for all 63 middle-level management positions. In the past three years, 21 people have withdrawn from management positions, breaking the notion of "lifetime position".


It is reported that 89% of the "Hi-Tech Reform Enterprises" have flexibly provided medium and long-term incentives in various ways for the core backbone talents in key positions, covering 116,000 person-times.


On the other hand, "Hi-Tech Reform Enterprises" strengthen the main position of scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, strive for the deep integration of the "four chains" of innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain and talent chain, and take new steps in innovation and development:


Focusing on recruiting talents, cultivating talents and using talents in an eclectic way, "Hi-Tech Reform Enterprises" take a combination of actions: Some enterprises implement "full headhunting" and organically combine "hard introduction" with "soft quotation". Some improve the training system and select young talents through multiple channels and wide caliber. Many enterprises carry out major scientific research projects such as "taking the lead in the list" and "horse racing system", and establish a fault-tolerant mechanism to support and encourage reformers and innovators.


In addition, "Hi-Tech Reform Enterprises" strengthen the strategic management of scientific and technological innovation, continuously increase the intensity of R&D investment, and promote the implementation of major projects. In China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd., through the implementation of integrated product development mode, the design cycle of shield equipment has been shortened from 60 days to 30 days.


According to the statistics from the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the R&D investment intensity of "Hi-Tech Reform Enterprises" has maintained a high level, exceeding 14% in the past three years and reaching 17.7% in 2022. In the same period, "Hi-Tech Reform Enterprises" newly trained or introduced more than 2,000 state-level high-level talents, and implemented more than 3,000 projects of "taking the lead in the list".


It is reported that after the latest enrichment, expansion and dynamic adjustment this May, the total number of "Hi-Tech Reform Enterprises" has reached 672.


In the next step, "Hi-Tech Reform Enterprises" should establish and improve the integration mechanism of innovative resources and create forward-looking strategic emerging industries with greater efforts. It is necessary to dig deep into the space and potential of improving input-output efficiency from all aspects of scientific and technological innovation; It is necessary to strengthen innovation incentives with greater efforts and accelerate the construction of the echelon pattern of talent development. We should vigorously carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit and the innovative culture of tolerating failure.



2.Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization relies on the platform of Unified Online Government Services to send benefits to technology enterprises – With accurate policy push, enterprises "enjoy it without application"


Innovative enterprises enter the "Message Center" of the portal website of Unified Online Government Services, click on the message with the label of " Enjoy without Application", and jump to online information filling. Within 5 business days after submission, relevant banks will contact enterprises and offer financial support services. This is the policy benefit given by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization to enterprises holding hard core technologies in Shanghai in the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan.


One of the highlights of this reform is to actively push good policies to enterprises accurately. Through the mining, analysis and application of the shared data resources of Shanghai Big Data Center, the industrial sector and financial institutions can accurately position the enterprises that meet the reporting conditions, and directly push the policy service of "enjoy without application" to the enterprise legal persons in the form of in-site messages of Unified Online Government Services.


After the policy is accurately pushed, the enterprise only needs to submit "Intention Confirmation", and the contracted bank will implement special credit resources support, including special debt financing, M&A loans, investment and loan linkage, financial leasing and other businesses, and provide exclusive interest rate concessions and exclusive green channels. Since the implementation of the Special Financial Support Service Plan for Innovative Enterprises, it has provided RMB168.656 billion of special credit funds to more than 2,100 enterprises. It is reported that the number of contracted banks has increased to 10, which can provide special credit funds for various innovative activities of local enterprises with a total size of RMB820 billion.