Industry dynamics of December 2022

Updated: Dec 31,2022 10:15 AM

1.The construction of Shanghai Fintech Center has once again exerted its strength - The list of the first Capital Market Fintech Innovation Pilots (Shanghai) was released, and the number of projects ranked first in China


At the 4th Shanghai Fintech International Forum hosted by Shanghai Fintech Industry Alliance, the list of the first Capital Market Fintech Innovation Pilots (Shanghai) was released, and the number of projects ranked first in China.


The Capital Market Fintech Innovation Pilots (Shanghai) was launched last December. According to local conditions, Shanghai has set up a special taskforce, and Shanghai Fintech Industry Alliance is in charge of organizing and implementing the project collection and selection. Over the past year, relevant institutions in the capital market in Shanghai have actively participated in the pilot projects, and actively explored and expanded the innovative development direction of the capital market that meets the regulatory requirements, while the number of applications is among the best in all pilot cities in China.


A total of 26 applied projects were selected in the first batch, including a series of Fintech frontier projects such as innovative application of digital RMB in securities industry, global portfolio investment research and risk control solutions in asset management industry, intelligent risk control auxiliary platform in futures industry based on trusted privacy computing technology, and equity registration, custody and transfer service platform based on blockchain.


It is obvious that the applied projects fully highlight the strength of Shanghai's Fintech - the new technical level involves new-generation information technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, as well as wide business scope, covering customer service, business management, investment research, registration and settlement, risk supervision and other fields. There are many applications, including financial factor markets, securities, futures, public funds, commercial banks and other types of entities, most of which are jointly applied by several organizations.


Previously, Shanghai has accumulated some experience in the pilots of Fintech innovation. The People's Bank of China introduced a Fintech innovation regulatory tool in Shanghai, and launched 19 projects with outstanding demonstration effect. The pilot project of digital RMB has also been steadily advanced in Shanghai. At present, nearly 1 million merchants in Shanghai support digital RMB.


2."Shanghai Innovation" of medical devices is accelerating - This year remarks the "New Year of Birth" of innovative medical devices in Shanghai, and 8 products have been approved for marketing, ranking second in China


Shanghai Food and Drug Administration announced that the National Medical Products Administration recently approved the registration application of "disposable intravascular ultrasound diagnostic catheter" produced by Shanghai Aisheng Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.


At the beginning of this month, Shanghai Food and Drug Administration just announced that the first domestic radiofrequency catheter with pressure sensing function was approved for marketing. The National Medical Products Administration approved the registration application of the innovative product "Disposable Pressure Monitoring Magnetic Positioning Radiofrequency Ablation Catheter" produced by Shanghai Minimally Invasive Electrophysiological Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Therefore, the number of innovative medical devices approved for registration and marketing in Shanghai this year has reached 7, including the first domestic proton therapy system and abdominal surgery robot, all of which have realized the domestic substitution of high-end medical devices.


According to the latest data released by Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, up to now, a total of 13 medical device products in Shanghai have entered the national innovation special review procedure this year, and another 8 innovative products have been registered and marketed, ranking second in China. It is apparent that more "Shanghai Innovations" are speeding up to being approved for marketing, and will be officially published in the near future, benefiting patients in China and even the whole world. This year remarks the "New Year of Birth" for innovative medical devices in Shanghai.


3.China's foreign trade import and export maintained steady growth in the first 11 months


According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs on December 7th, in the first 11 months of this year, the total import and export value of China's goods trade was RMB38.34 trillion, up 8.6% year-on-year. Among them, the exports were RMB21.84 trillion, an increase of 11.9%; the imports were RMB16.5 trillion, an increase of 4.6%; and the trade surplus was RMB5.34 trillion, an increase of 42.8%.


In terms of trade modes, the import and export of general trade maintained double-digit growth. In the first 11 months, China's general trade import and export reached RMB24.47 trillion, an increase of 12.4%, accounting for 63.8% of China's total foreign trade value, an increase of 2.2% over the same period last year.


In terms of trading partners, ASEAN is still China's largest trading partner. In the first 11 months, the total trade value between China and ASEAN was RMB5.89 trillion, an increase of 15.5%, accounting for 15.4% of China's total foreign trade value. The EU is China's second largest trading partner, with a total trade value of RMB5.17 trillion, an increase of 7%, accounting for 13.5%. The total value of Sino-US trade was RMB4.62 trillion, an increase of 4.8%, accounting for 12%. And the total trade value between China and South Korea was RMB2.22 trillion, an increase of 4.7%, accounting for 5.8%.


In terms of entities, the import and export of private enterprises has grown rapidly. In the first 11 months. There were 497,500 private enterprises with import and export performance in China, up 7.3% year-on-year, with a total import and export value of RMB19.41 trillion, up 13.6% year-on-year, accounting for 50.6% of China's total foreign trade value in the same period, up 2.2% over the same period last year, and continuing to play the role of "main force" in foreign trade.


In terms of export product types, the export of mechanical and electrical products and labor-intensive products increased. In the first 11 months, China's exports of electric manned vehicles, lithium batteries, solar cells and other products increased by 128%, 86.6% and 74.3% respectively, reflecting the upgrading and optimization of China's export composition.