Industry dynamics of November 2022

Updated: Nov 30,2022 2:42 PM

 1.With the implementation of " R&D at Zhangjiang + Manufacturing in Shanghai " Action, 58 industrialization projects have landed, and four modes have been explored. Shanghai is fully committed to building a biomedical "whole industrial chain"


Shanghai is making every effort to build the whole industrial chain of "R&D + Clinical + Manufacturing + Application". In recent years, Shanghai has deeply implemented " R&D at Zhangjiang + Manufacturing in Shanghai " Action of biomedical industry. At present, 58 industrialization projects have landed according to this "action route", and four modes have been explored.


Among the four modes, the first is " R&D at Zhangjiang + Commercialization at Pudong". At present, Zhangjiang has gathered more than 1,400 biomedical enterprises and cultivated more than one-third of the first-class new drugs in China. More than 10% of the first-class new drugs researched by Zhangjiang have carried out global multi-center clinical trials. Once Zhangjiang produces innovative achievements, it can be commercialized locally at Pudong.


Second, "R&D at Zhangjiang + Commercialization at Other Districts". Due to the limited space at Zhangjiang and Pudong, some achievements can be commercialized at other districts of Shanghai.


Third, " Spillover from Zhangjiang + Return to Shanghai". It is reported that Shanghai's early relocated enterprises are showing a return trend, and more of them flow to Life Blue Bay at Lingang New Area and South Hongqiao Smart Medical Park.


And fourth, "Tested at Zhangjiang + Expanded in Shanghai". At present, 7 of Top 10 biomedical enterprises in the world and one third of Top 100 biomedical enterprises in China have been deployed at Zhangjiang.


2.Experimental field shows results: 108 key projects are continuously driven; the zone GDP has grown at an average annual rate of 7.4%; and the demonstration zone has created 112 institutional innovations in three years


At the press conference on the achievements of the 3rd anniversary of the construction of the Yangtze River Delta Eco-green Integration Development Demonstration Zone, the "experimental field" of the Yangtze River Delta showed the results of the three-year construction. This year, 39 new institutional innovations were launched, with a total of 112 in three years. 108 key projects are continuously driven, with a total investment of more than RMB563 billion. The GDP of the demonstration zone has increased by 7.4% on average annually, and the total output of industrial enterprises above designated size has grown by 10.9% annually. And there are more….


Driven by the Yangtze River Delta Office of the State Council, two batches of 38 institutional innovation experiences have been replicated and promoted in the Yangtze River Delta and other key areas in China, and the "seeds" of institutional innovation in the demonstration zone have taken root and blossomed in a wider scope.


In the past three years, the demonstration zone has continuously increased investment and made great efforts to promote 16 key ecological and environmental protection projects. The ecological restoration and function improvement project of Yuandang shoreline has been continuously promoted for three years, which will realize the penetration of 23 kilometers of shoreline and further improve the water quality. The Blue Belt Plan of Taipu River will be completed within this year, with a total length of 22 kilometers and a total project area of 287,000 square meters, laying a solid foundation for building a "world-class lake area".


The implementation of Shanghai-Suzhou-Huzhou Railway and the west extension of Shanghai Rail Transit Line 17 have been accelerated. The construction of Shanghai-Suzhou-Jiaxing Intercity Railway has started, and the Nantong-Suzhou-Jiaxing-Ningbo Railway has commenced before the end of the year... In the past three years, 20 key interconnection projects have been continuously promoted, and the construction of multi-level rail transit system has been consistently accelerated.



3.The first batch of self-driving expressways in Shanghai opened with demonstration operation certificates for intelligent networked cargo, and the demonstration operation "under the condition of safety officers" was first carried out


The 2nd Shanghai Forum on Intelligent Transportation sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The first batch of self-driving expressways in Shanghai officially opened. The “Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Intelligent Networked Vehicle Demonstration Operation in Shanghai: and the “Implementation Plan of Vehicle-Road Collaborative Innovation Application in Shanghai (2023-2025)” were released at the same time.


The mileage of self-driving test roads opened at Jiading District reached 500.6 kilometers, including 21.5 kilometers of G1503 Ring Expressway, 19.5 kilometers of G2 Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and 303 ground roads at Jiading District, amounting to 459.6 kilometers, which realized the global opening of self-driving test roads at Jiading and achieved the breakthrough of the first "large flow, high dynamics and high complexity" expressway scenario in China. Up to now, Shanghai has opened a total of 926 test roads with 1,800 kilometers, with 15,000 measurable scenarios, and the mileage and measurable scenario data rank among the top in the country, which has become an intelligent networked automobile test application environment with relatively complete scenarios and leading domestic development.


The “Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Demonstration Operation of Intelligent Networked Vehicles in Shanghai” combines the development of self-driving technology and the actual test and application of intelligent networked vehicles in Shanghai, clarifies the management mechanism and the responsibilities of third-party organizations, determines the scope, path, process and conditions for the applicants to carry out demonstration operation, and provides specific operational guidelines for enterprises to carry out demonstration operation activities.


The “Implementation Plan for Collaborative Innovation and Application of Vehicles and Roads in Shanghai (2023-2025)” was officially released. The scheme focuses on accelerating the integration of vehicle-road collaboration technology and intelligent transportation system, promoting smarter roads, richer scenarios, smarter services, finer management and more open data, aiming at realizing the commercial application of vehicle-road collaboration technology, and focusing on promoting 18 innovative application projects with different characteristics.