China's first KM-grade high-temperature superconducting cable demon project launched in Shanghai

Updated: Feb 22,2019 5:06 PM

Yesterday, the kick-off meeting of China's first KM-grade high-temperature superconducting cable demo project was held at Baoshan Urban Industrial Park in Shanghai, marking the official start of the practical industrialization of superconducting cables in China. Dong Yunhu, Chairman of the Shanghai Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, attended the event and delivered a speech.

New materials represent an important industry with strategic, fundamental and leading implications, which is of great significance to Shanghai's economic transformation, upgrading and premium development. In recent years, Shanghai has attached great importance to the R&D of high-temperature superconducting materials and has initially realized the independent R&D of the technology. It has formed the most comprehensive R&D and manufacturing industry chain of superconducting cables in China and has the foundation and capability to achieve original breakthroughs. The high-temperature superconducting cable demo project is an important step in technological and industrial innovation in this field and marks a milestone for the commercialization of high-temperature superconductivity technology. As a strategically leading and cutting-edge domain, high-temperature superconducting technology has shown wide application prospects in urban power grid renovation, magnetic levitation traffic and large scientific devices along with the rapid evolution of urbanization and industrialization. In particular, high-temperature superconducting power transmission, known as a revolution in the power industry in the century, is the most promising electric technology in the 21st century. It has the advantages of low loss, large capacity, small size and no pollution. It is expected to witness numerous engineering applications and promotion in urban power grid renovation, narrow corridor main power grid and other scenarios with speical demands hard to meet with conventional technologies.

At the start-up meeting, Baoshan Urban Industrial Park signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Superconducting Industry Alliance, released the construction plan and investment promotion policy for high-temperature superconducting base and conveyed the signal that Shanghai will further strengthen the deployment of superconducting industry.

      Driven by the demo project, Shanghai will take Baoshan Urban Industrial Park as the main hub, actively promote the planning and construction of high-temperature superconducting industrial bases and further improve the industry's forward-looking layout. The industrial base will focus on four major functions of R&D, incubation, production and public services, and continue to refine industrial policies by optimizing land resource supply, innovating government management services, improving and strengthening talent services, and increasing financial supports. For domestic and foreign enterprises and teams to launch all-round, full-process investment and project introduction across the industry chain, it will drive the superconducting products and technologies in other fields such as winding wires and overhead lines through the industrialization of superconducting power cables, so as to develop and promote the source of high-temperature superconducting power transmission and distribution technology, to create a new momentum for the industry, and to build Shanghai’s superconducting industrial base into a globally influential industrial cluster center to help enhance Shanghai's energy level and core competency. In the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, it will seize the commanding heights of the technology economy. At the same time, Shanghai will base itself on its advantages, open up to global resources and strive to develop a roadmap of bold and innovative applications in the new material industry with high level of key material protection and strong originality of cutting-edge materials in compliance with Shanghai's urban development orientation, in order to promote the high-end transformation and leap-forward development of Shanghai’s manufacturing industry.