The 4th Shanghai International Nature Conservation Week was inaugurated

Updated: Nov 19,2018 2:30 PM

On the morning of November 17, the 4th Shanghai International Nature Conservation Week kicked off at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Along with the magnificent ink painting of "Green Water and Mountains" on the screen, Ms. Wang Peiyu, Ambassador of the Nature ReserveWeek and a leading actress of Peking Opera, read out the "Ecological Civilization Action Initiative", calling on the public to protect and treat the ecosystem in the same way as guarding our eyes and lives.


In the following week, a variety of enriched and diverse activities themed on nature conservation will take place all over the city. The public will be inspired by the dialogues with global nature conservation experts and learn from science museums and science education centers. People can also visit the Riverside Green Space, Dongtan Wetland, zoos, botanical gardens and forest parks.In the intimate contact with nature, they will feel the harmony between human and nature to bring the city to well-being. 

Mr. Wang Xiaoao, a young scientific researcher at Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, called on everyone to abide by the ecological “red line” at the opening ceremony. This bottom line and lifeline for safeguarding and maintaining ecosystem shall be marked both on the map and in the hearts of every Shanghai citizen. Ms. Wang Peiyu also shared her unique insights on the cross-border integration between “building ecological civilization” and “promoting traditional culture”.

Representatives of experts from the field of nature protection who came to the event from all over the world were also present at the ceremony. 51 natural experts from more than 10 countries including China, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom will share their valuable experience in protecting the nature through 53 lectures to inspire the audience's new understanding on nature protection.

After three years, Shanghai International Nature Conservation Week has become an important platform for the general public to understand nature, be close to nature, and care for nature, and gradually exerted influence on the international stage.