The Macao SAR Government Delegation is visiting Shanghai to investigate the development of smart cities

Updated: Aug 21,2018 4:08 PM
       On the morning of August 20th, Mr. Gao Bingkun, Director of the Administrative Public Service Bureau of Macao SAR Government, and 11 officersvisited Shanghai Citizen Mailbox Information Service Co., Ltd. to investigate Shanghai's smart city, e-government and big data applications.


At the meeting, Mr. Ling Lixian, Vice President of Shanghai Citizen Mailbox Information Service Co., Ltd., introduced Citizen Cloud, the general entrance of “one-stop online processing”of Shanghai Municipal Government. In 2018, Citizen Cloud” has provided more than 120 government public services to more than 9.1 million citizens, with monthly active users reaching 1.65 million. Citizen Cloud further deepens the "internet + government services", using information technology to enable the public to run less, enhance the public's sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, and polish the government service brand of "one-stop online processing" for Shanghai.

 Mr. Gao Bingkun, Director of the Administrative Public Service Bureau of Macao SAR Government, expressed that he strongly agreed with the realization model of Citizen Cloud. At the same time, he also mentioned that Shanghai's achievements in smart city construction, internet + government affairs, and big data applications are very useful. This trip has broadened its horizons and updated its concept. The delegation will take this visit as an opportunity to combine the actual situation of Macao and learn from Shanghai's experience in building a smart city and a total entrance for “one-stop online processing”. He hoped to further strengthen communication and mutual learning and promotion in the future.


At present, Citizen Cloud can check personal medical insurance, public housing fund, pension, vehicle violation, tax record, pension simulation, personal credit report, invoice and property tax inquiry, and access to entry and exit, public transportation. arrival inquiry, water and electricity coal payment, individual tax declaration, scenic heat map, life index, personal health file, hospital appointment registration, personal residence permit point estimate, traffic violation online payment, city insurance payment, community affairs appointment, marriage appointment, vaccination, school district enquiries, and many other functions. The service covers food hygiene, transportation, medical health, culture, education and senior care, involving every aspect of daily life and serving different people of all ages.