The energy supply in Shanghai remained stable during the Spring Festival

Updated: Feb 23,2018 3:28 PM

        In order to support citizens to enjoy the Spring Festival, Shanghai’s industrial system worked overtime during the holidays to ensure that the city's energy supply would be stable and orderly, and the plan was effective.

        During the Spring Festival, the maximum load of the power grid was 16.04 million KW (on February 20th), with a minimum load of 9.88 million KW (on February 15th), and the overall load was higher than the same period last year. The major power plants in Shanghai were running normally, and the supply of thermal coal was sufficient. By the morning of February 21th, the public power plants in Shanghai had stored about 1.390 million tons of coal (including on-the-way amount), which was consumed about 81 thousand tons per day. The Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company arranged a total of 471 teams, 4,223 people and 607 vehicles to ensure that all the 173 low voltage repair stations in the city were on duty. During the Spring Festival, there were 3 power grid equipment failures caused by line tripping or kite winding, which were all solved in a short time. The finished oil depots in Shanghai were fully stocked, and the large gas stations were supplied smoothly.