China Intelligent Vehicle Championship(CIVC) 2017 was held

Updated: Dec 13,2017 3:25 PM

        On December 13th, China Intelligent Vehicle Championship(CIVC) 2017 was held at Shanghai International Circuit and National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Shanghai) Pilot Zone. CIVC aims to create the top professional international unmanned competition in China. The competition was under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Working Committee of Economy and Informatization and Jiading District Government. It is also jointly held by China Automotive Technology &Research Center, China productivity promotion Association and Shanghai International Automobile City Group. Fu Xinhua, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, attended the ceremony and announced the opening of the competition.

         Mr. Fu pointed out that at present, the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change are in the ascendant, and the new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology is deeply integrated. Under the background of "new era", the integration of the electronic information industry and the automobile industry is becoming deeper with the ability of "artificial intelligence". Automotive electronics has become the forefront of innovation and development as well as an important carrier of product added value promotion. The competition shows the new trend and new kinetic energy of the development of intelligent automobile industry in China. It also creates the atmosphere of public participation and the development of intelligent cars and driverless cars, as well as the innovation field of automobile electronics embracing "AI".

          The competition follows the spirit of "Intelligence changes the world, innovation drives the future". It set up four categories, namely Driverless, Intelligent Assistance, Information Security and Off-line Test, which were designed to comprehensively evaluate the ability of unmanned vehicles in terms of information identification, analysis, decision-making and control. The Driverless Category is the first to hold an unmanned car event in a professional racetrack in China. 12 teams participated in the Driverless Category, 8 teams participated in Intelligent Assistance, and more than 10 teams participated in Information Security and Off-line Test. These convoys come from traditional car companies, universities, scientific research institutes and emerging Internet companies.

          Relevant comrades from the Division of Electronic Information Industry attended the opening ceremony.