Industry dynamics of May 2021

Updated: Jun 08,2021 4:59 PM

Green energy conservation popularization series activities held at Shanghai Scientific Energy Conservation Museum (5.26)

In order to actively respond to the call of the CPC Central Committee for carbon peak and carbon neutrality, create a social atmosphere that stresses, loves, learns and adopts energy conservation, and to spread the concept of green lifestyle and the culture of energy conservation and low carbon, recently, Shanghai Energy Conservation Center, in combination with the project of "I Do Practical Things for the Masses", launched a series of activities of green energy conservation popularization at Shanghai Scientific Energy Conservation Museum for young students in Shanghai, to explore the "green password" in daily life to the youth through centralized lectures, demonstration, presentation and exhibition halls.


"Flourishing Chinese dreams": 5G technology blooms at Flower Expo (5.24)

On May 21st, the 10th China Flower Expo ("Flower Expo") was grandly opened at the world-class ecological island of Chongming in Shanghai. In addition to the masterplan of "green background, water bands and flower themes" and dazzling features of flowers, the construction and application innovations of 5G at Flower Expo are also the wonderful highlights.

Since 2019, Chongming District has continuously accelerated the construction of 5G information infrastructure. As of the end of this April, there were 2,468 outdoor 5G base stations at Chongming District, which facilitate in-depth coverage of mobile network signals at Flower Expo. The newly established 5G base stations in the park adopts the unique shape of “Flower Expo Towers”, which echoes and complements the flower and plant exhibits. Three major carriers have set up 5G application exhibition halls at Century Pavilion, so that the audience can feel the technological changes brought by 5G in no distance.



Shanghai’s online cultural industry provides strong momentum to enhance the soft power of urban culture (5.14)

"In 2020, the total output of Shanghai's cultural and creative industries was RMB2,040.438 billion, of which the Internet and related services increased by 18%, the software and information technology services increased by 12.5%, the game industry increased by 50%, and the online literature revenue increased by 37.5%." On May 13th, "Shanghai Cultural Development Series Blue Paper (2021)" was released in Shanghai, and a set of data listed by Hua Jian, Director of Cultural Industry Research Center of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, was exciting. All the statistics shows that in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, the online cultural industry, as an important pillar of Shanghai's new economy, has demonstrated a strong driving force and is expected to become an essential momentum to enhance the soft power of urban culture.



When the 5-day holiday met with "May 5 Shopping Festival", the consumption of major business districts, commercial streets and shopping malls in Shanghai was booming (5.6)

When the 5-day holiday met with "May 5 Shopping Festival", the consumption of major business districts, commercial streets and shopping malls in Shanghai was booming. According to the statistics of the Consumer Market Big Data Lab (Shanghai), during the holidays (April 30th to May 4th), the offline consumption in Shanghai reached RMB19.65 billion, an increase of 30.4% compared with 2020 and 9.6% compared with 2019. West Nanjing Road, East Nanjing Road and Lujiazui Business Circle ranked among Top 3 in Shanghai.

Nonlocal tourists spent 4.47 million times in Shanghai, an increase of 64.4% compared with 2020, and their offline consumption was RMB6.85 billion, an year-on-year increase of 76.8% (11.2% and 9.1% respectively compared with 2019). Nonlocal offline consumption accounted for 34.9% of offline consumption in Shanghai.

According to the statistics of key commercial enterprises of Shanghai Business Development Research Center, 210 major commercial enterprises in Shanghai realized a total revenue of RMB7.38 billion from May 1st to May 5th, an increase of 18.6% over the same period of last year, among which the catering business grew by 49.8% year-on-year.



At the opening of the Industrial Products Online Trading Festival, the transactions of RMB500 million were signed on the spot (5.6)

Yesterday afternoon, the 2nd China (Shanghai) Industrial Products Online Trading Festival officially opened, and the signing of the strategic agreement of multi-city linkage to promote digital transformation was held on the spot, with the contracted transaction volume reaching RMB500 million. Wu Qing, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government, attended the ceremony and announced the opening of the Trade Festival.

With the theme of "Double Circulation of Industrial Interconnection and New Vitality of Digital Economy", relying on the platform of "Productive Service + Business Model + Digital Service Providers", this Trade Festival will release spillover effect. It is estimated that over 200 live broadcasts will be held during the event, and the expected transaction volume will reach RMB20 billion, up 65% year-on-year.