Industry dynamics of April 2021

Updated: May 10,2021 10:18 AM

The Year of new start: Shanghai introduced quality resources to the world(4.8)

        On April 7th, Shanghai's investment promotion and capital introduction announced breaking news again. 216 major industrial projects were signed at Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference, with a total investment of RMB489.8 billion.

        These projects involve three leading industries, namely online new economy, high-end equipment and new materials, as well as finance and headquarters economy, which are expected to continuously inject new momentum into Shanghai's development advantages in the new era.
        Major industrial projects have high industrial energy level and strong driving force to the industry chain, which is becoming an important starting point for Shanghai's industrial development. On the first working day of this year, 64 major projects with a total investment of RMB273.4 billion were started intensively. Only a few months later, the second batch of major projects with larger investment and more quantity landed. In the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, Shanghai has already sprinted.


Focus on main roles and deepen CPPCC characteristics: Shanghai CPPCC held the Branding Promotion Meeting (4.9)

        On April 8th, Shanghai CPPCC held Shanghai CPPCC Branding Promotion Meeting in 2021, deployed and implemented the requirements of Shanghai CPPCC's "Branding Year", and promoted the CPPCC's work to be upright and innovative, deepen its characteristics, launch its brand and develop with high quality. Dong Yunhu, Chairman of CPPCC, attended the event and addressed a speech.
        In recent years, Shanghai CPPCC system has conscientiously implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thought on strengthening and improving the work of CPPCC, actively explored and innovated based on reality, and launched a number of performance platform carriers, working methods and operational systems and mechanisms that reflect the working rules of CPPCC and have distinctive Shanghai characteristics. At the meeting, Xing Bangzhi, Deng Derong, Wang Qiuliang, Zhou Weizhong, Feng Maolun, Wang Yili and Liu Qilong made speeches one after another, exchanging experiences and talking freely about CPPCC work brands such as creating the "1+4" work layout, the new media platform for the headlines of CPPCC, legislative consultation, the Initial Forum, the Dongtan Forum, Brighten Up and Consultation in the Front Line.


With 1,000 enterprises participating in the event, Shanghai Auto Show fully demonostrated the "new four modernizations" in the automobile industry (4.21)

        As the world's first Grade A auto show this year, Shanghai Auto Show 2021 arrived as scheduled on April 19th. With the theme of "Embracing Change", there were 12 indoor exhibition halls with an exhibition area of 360,000 square meters and 1,000 exhibitors.
        In the whole vehicle exhibition zone, leading automobile brands in Germany, the United States, Japan and South Korea all attended the exhibition in the name of their headquarters, which not only had high specifications but also showed great strength. Six major automobile groups and independent brands in China also participated in the exhibition, along with new energy brands and some commercial vehicle brands. In the automobile supply chain exhibition zone, Chinese and foreign first-line automobile supply chain enterprises also brought their new products. With the continuous occurrence of production reduction and shutdown caused by the worldwide shortage of chips, chip suppliers also became the focus of this auto show.
        This year's Shanghai Auto Show focused on the innovations and development achievements of today’s world automobile industry, fully demonstrated the deep integration of automobiles with information and communication, Internet, big data and artificial intelligence ("new four modernizations"), and actively embraced the new changes in the industry under the digital economy.


Strengthen the overall planning of attracting investment and speed up the construction of major industrial projects! The Commission held the regular meeting on promoting major industrial projects in the second quarter (4.29)

        On the afternoon of April 27th, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization held the regular meeting on promoting major industrial projects in the second quarter, listened to the recent reports on the promotion of major industrial projects in key areas, and studied and deployed the next steps of attracting investment and promoting projects. Wu Jincheng, Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Fu Xinhua, Zhang Jianming and Zhang Ying, Deputy Chairmen of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, were also present, made key analysis on the progress of major industrial projects in their respective fields and put forward relevant work suggestions. The meeting was presided over by Ping Liu, Deputy Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization.

        Responsible comrades of relevant offices of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization attended the meeting and reported the progress of relevant work.